Take advantage of a coating that is so long lasting and so easy to apply, that you’ll know your search for a quality textured coating is finally over.

Maintenance free and virtually indestructible, Palladium® Textured Coating is the most advanced and cost effective stucco-like coating on the market.
Developed in 1985, as Weatherall Flexible Stucco and internationally introduced in 1992 as the Stucco Finish for the American Pavilion of the World Fair in Seville, Spain, the Palladium® System is a strong, time-tested textured coating that comes in a wide array of standard colors with custom color availability. For use on interior or exterior surfaces; new or existing structures.

  • Accelerated Weathering

  • Freeze / Thaw
  • Weather Resistance
    Water Resistance
  • Water Vapor Transmission
    Water Vapor Transmission
  • Tensile Adhesion
    Tensile Adhesion
  • Tensile Adhesion
    Fire Resistant

Complement your design with a beautiful textured appearance that will last.

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SCT now manufactures products other than Palladium

Additional products include:
eTC-80/20 Stucco Recoat;
Joint Compound – joint filler and surface sealer;
Sealing Primer;
UV Guard® Premium Caulk;
Mortar Match – flexible mortar repair and protection; and
eF-Coat™ – foundation coating.

We also distribute Fiberglass Adhesive Mesh,
a component of the Palladium System.

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SDS and Tech Sheets)


The SCT Palladium® System is warranted for a period of five (5) years from the date of application when installed by a SCT trained applicator and in accordance with the current edition of the application instruction manual provided by SCT, and the completed / signed warranty application original is on file at the SCT Corporate Office.

Some exceptions and limitations do apply. Please contact Sealants & Coatings Technologies, Inc. for more information. No other warranty is expressed or implied.

What is Palladium Texture Coating?

Palladium Texture Coating is a thoroughly tested, stucco-like, weather-resistant coating formulated from
proven latex acrylics carefully chosen for durability.

  • Flexible

    Ensures a strong stucco-like finish that will not crack, chip or peel under normal conditions.

  • Adhesion

    Superior adhesion to a variety of substrates including wood, OSB, cementitious surfaces, structural insulated panels, urethane foam sheathing, foam form blocks, existing stuccos, masonry and aged wood.

  • Water Resistant

    Palladium Texture Coating is an excellent moisture barrier that withstands wind-driven rain, salt spray and most chemicals. Once cured, it does not wick water and has no sensitivity to common water-soluble salts, as does traditional stucco.

  • Weather Resistant

    UV resistant, maintenance-free and virtually indestructible, Palladium® Textured Coating is remarkably versatile and durable. It can be beautifully textured to complement any architectural style from classic to ultra-modern.

  • Environmentally responsible

    Low VOC. Safe for use on interior and exterior walls. When cured, Palladium Textured Coating has no odor.

  • Fungus and Mildew Resistant

    Contains an effective fungicide that helps prevent mold and mildew.

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